The Art Of Silence

I’m one of those praising part I of “1Q84“. First book I ever read with something resembling a product placement inside. Hits you right in the beginning act. At the span of 8 sentences, there’s one specific brand repeated 4 times with 2 even more distinct praises. First one’s Toyota. Second, is sound insulation. I … More The Art Of Silence


Friends usually French-exit conversations with me when they switch to the modern M-series. Alright, that’s one person and one very specific topic, but probably a huge chunk of car-folks would do the same. It’s not so much BMW’s firing order differentiation from Japanese-made equivalent [and dead] engines that bothers me. It’s sheer attack of pointless … More Misconceptions

On parole

Drifting got to me pretty late. First seen it in NFS Underground 2 where it didn’t even matter which wheels power the car. AI-driven Supras wept miserably as you reverse-entered past them in riced-out Ford Focus. Still, free roaming was more of my style, even if I slid like crazy anyway. Difference was pretty basic, … More On parole

We asked for this.

Every time I try to think about Ferrari, the weight of modern mixed-messages these cars emanate ruins the whole venture. If you’re tough enough to read through the first part of Enzo’s biography, two things that strike the most are: how well his clientele matches his character and general inability to even think about leaving the race-car … More We asked for this.

The Cursed Flathead

Somewhere around 1980’s, the tide of competitive sports started to break. Superhuman results along with technology to back them up, created beautiful spectacles of agility  dancing around Olympic stadiums. Only few could stand on the same line, sacrificing resources, burning up healthy youth. Steroid control crawled on all fours, pros were given more grippy surfaces, scientifically proven … More The Cursed Flathead


Falling air in the middle of August. Dust is everywhere. Mornings start out colder than gin the night before. Exhausts shoot the white smoke up like it’s the new pope coming. Unforgiving notion, that summer’s getting away. Trajectory of sun and smog align, episodically creating blinding bursts setting vision on fire. 5am depression. I could never … More Moonshine

Lancia’s last coupé

Family business founded by Fiat racing drivers doesn’t really sound like something to last from current perspective. Innovation-wise though? Since 1906 they’ve managed to push into series production first cars to feature V4 engine then V6, electronic systems, first 5-speed gearbox, advancing suspension technology and ambivalent reliability. Marshall Plan executors made things harder for them … More Lancia’s last coupé