What is this?

Full fathom five thy father lies Of his bones are coral made Those are pearls that were his eyes […] Some of you who happen to know this portion of “Tempest” may ask – what the hell Shakespeare has to do with the new Supra you pretentious mf? And I’d ask a lot of you … More What is this?

Don’t crash!

Early 2000’s were a magical time for hatchbacks. Romanticism and craziness of Group B fever, came back as a flashback with everyone’s confusion because apparently, future arrived. And yet, considering Madonna’s “Music” reaching the top of charts not as much changed. Clock was broken, new millennium, a blank first page on the next chapter of … More Don’t crash!

Be wary of inertia

I was once very close to someone scared of making choices. Even binary situations got complicated, frightening with consequences. Some are just used to having it both ways, pushing people to their limits trying to prove superiority of stolen beliefs. Persistance and force put into feeding frustration. Meanings change, ideas die (although later than people). … More Be wary of inertia

Things like this don’t happen in nature

Bone stock, baby-wipe clean piece of automobile masterly saved from inevitably of time. The one, that made me question the meaning of car ownership. You may know the drill: upkeep comes first. Jay Leno always repeats that it’s the finest form of classic car – original and unrestored. What on earth could this possibly be? Probably … More Things like this don’t happen in nature