Falling air in the middle of August. Dust is everywhere. Mornings start out colder than gin the night before. Exhausts shoot the white smoke up like it’s the new pope coming. Unforgiving notion, that summer’s getting away. Trajectory of sun and smog align, episodically creating blinding bursts setting vision on fire. 5am depression. I could never … More Moonshine

Be wary of inertia

I was once very close to someone scared of making choices. Even binary situations got complicated, frightening with consequences. Some are just used to having it both ways, pushing people to their limits trying to prove superiority of stolen beliefs. Persistance and force put into feeding frustration. Meanings change, ideas die (although later than people). … More Be wary of inertia

Things like this don’t happen in nature

Bone stock, baby-wipe clean piece of automobile masterly saved from inevitably of time. The one, that made me question the meaning of car ownership. You may know the drill: upkeep comes first. Jay Leno always repeats that it’s the finest form of classic car – original and unrestored. What on earth could this possibly be? Probably … More Things like this don’t happen in nature

Lancia’s last coupé

Family business founded by Fiat racing drivers doesn’t really sound like something to last from current perspective. Innovation-wise though? Since 1906 they’ve managed to push into series production first cars to feature V4 engine then V6, electronic systems, first 5-speed gearbox, advancing suspension technology and ambivalent reliability. Marshall Plan executors made things harder for them … More Lancia’s last coupé