Lancia Delta Futurista

Near the end of documentary about Lemmy Kilmister, he was asked about regrets – “none, what’s the point, you’ve already done it, haven’t you?” – answered looking sadly into the camera, trying hard to preach the good message. Did what he said, said what he did. Ain’t no wasting time impressing blank faces. The good viking. Savage, but honorable. Diversified face of rock’n’roll by consistent machine-gun fire, sparking ideas all over the place to become the godfather of heavy metal. James Hetfield said himself many times – there would be no Metallica without Motorhead. One beard style, one haircut, kindness, you’d have step on this guy to be in trouble. But why would you do that to yourself?


All around us, are groups of individuals trying to bring something back. Nostalgic for all things raw, analog, mechanical. Lightness of Lotus has been pushed to the extreme due to new regulations. Thinking outside platform-unification made some manufacturers broke in defeat or dead. What doesn’t exist anymore draws people in. Example of Saab shows a lot. Lancia, with first rumors of descending into Italian domestic market still looked promising. Long story short – they’re out of the game. On the streets, ranges of clones in different sizes with numb steering, numerous power figures you can’t feel or use. Market lusting after heated steering wheels, getting to drive given car for two years without full, true, bonding ownership. Numbers, conquered every decision-making process. How much does it cost? How many installments? What’s the Nurburgring time? 0-100? Does it have more than 4 cylinders? Power to weight ratio? Quickly, answer, now!
Buried underneath it all, a line of cars providing thrill rides through life. Little Lancia Y’s of this world that handle better than E46 BMW’s get ignored. Few men stood up, to challenge this.


Air-cooled Porsches went away, never to be seen again. This lust after all things extinct became a fuel for Singer. Mechanical masterclass. Handcrafted interiors, overall comfort on par with modern sports cars. Outside design redesigned with respect to original proportions, pursuing retro-modern factory look. Number left to mention its price so let’s get this one out-of-the-way, it’s big. For a damn good reason. Cost of perfecting technology dropped two decades ago is humongous. To make it go faster, flat sixes in the 964-based Singer’s got stroked to 4 liters after cooperating with Williams Advanced Engineering. Incredible to believe 500 horsepower with 9000rpm redline. No turbo, air as a coolant. Engine alone is 150.000$, add a whole car to it, lightweight materials, including titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber and there you are, the world-famous sticker price.


From father’s Giallo Ginestra to his very own Martini Edition Integrale and S4 Stradale, Eugenio Amos most definitely became fascinated by six-time World Rally Champion. Having gained experience in both racing and entrepreneurship, a time has come for him to make Lancia great again. Artisan-quality sporty elegance is the tagline. No idle standing in Automobile Amos’ garage. F40 carries a christmas tree, Cosworth-hearted Bentley with beaten Ferrari’s on the side strolls in with magnificence, eight CLK GTR gets a beating from time to time. Goal of the company is grand, build as many cars as possible. Cars with personality. Adventurous machines you want to give names driving along the dream road.


This year, at Grand Basel, Amos’ creation went beyond expectations. Lancia Delta Futurista. Verde Brinzio dark green paint (also seen on F40), hand-beaten aluminium panels, carbon fibre elements. Front inspired by Lancia Beta represents the right kind of classy craftsman’s touch. Eugenio accomplished the goal set by himself. Three doors indicating inspiring Stradale S4 what’s even more clear when entering the premises. Brown Recaro seats finished in fine quality fabrics including alcantara. Equally matte dashboard customized to fit electronic damper controls. In front of you, classic gauges with two very important buttons. Hi-beams thumb-length away from you on the steering wheel saying “levati” (Italian for “move!”) and already infamous, red rocket start switch on the central panel because of course it’s keyless. Rear seating area got even more radically reimagined to fit two people providing more side bolstering.

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Hard to talk about mechanical face of Futurista without any numbers, but I’ll try.
Power? More than Delta S4. Enough, believe me. Try to utilize all of it going round the right-handed bend near 10 meter drop on a perfect racing line struggling for grip on still humid tarmac after the sunrise waking up bigger part of the whole forest smiling wider than The Joker would. And then try to tell me it isn’t fun. Cause it CAN handle such treatment, was made for it. Improved Group-A cooling system with intake-exhaust combo legendary soundtrack. Now, it’s all just a plain talk isn’t it? I’ve fallen for it so much, to the point of letting in old habits. The most important question Eugenio wished people asked was “why”? So, let’s examine it.

Imagine writing a manifesto declaring future endevours. You’ve been editing it whole month so it represents clearly the emotions you’re going in with no chance of being misunderstood. Stick it then into unknown soldier’s monument crack. Paying your respects to fallen brothers in arms you never knew, but understand their sacrifice. Such emotions are for Amos incarnated as longing for idealized time, of men bleeding over beloved machines, competing with rawness not necessarily following commonly abided rules. And incredible amount of dedication went into a project that seemed to be too crazy to exist, letting fresh air in at Grand Basel, inspiring people all over the world, becoming a sensation. Making Lancia Great Again.

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Original photos provided by Automobili Amos, shot by Degler Studio

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