Verva Street Racing 2018

In the modern era of aerial pride, lots of people look at their doppelgängers dressed in flag-colored hats with the kind of pity seen on kindergarten teacher’s face. Kids run around proving mathematical chaos theory, creating altogether the kind of tune to be played backwards seeking for advice from the devil. And this chap, will most definitely be put back down during this year’s edition of Verva Street Racing in Cracow.


On 8th of  September, Orlen Team will gather around hell-raising package of machines and their tamers on Stanisław Lem’s street. They’ll most definitely win with founding idea of getting everybody together, for the love of fuel turning into smiles. At the same time, connecting last 100 years of car culture to the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence. Automotive machinery and design milestones will clash with pure racing hearts of Orlen’s own drivers from wide spectrum of divisions.
What would you like? Santa came early this year so choose wisely.
Parade of Mustang’s? Ain’t no thing.
3200 horsepower on city streets? Try harder.
Le Mans legends? Isn’t that obvious?
Harley Davidson’s? Come on.
Fiat 126p versus Lamborghini?
Motorcycle trial show?
How about all of them together?
AND even more.


1.9 seconds to 100kph in soft-suspension-tuned Mini. Turbocharged engine spooling up to shame every Lambo you dream of. You’ve got kids to drop off, typical road to the city centre is clogged with silver, leased sedans? Just jump over the jam in this little rascal, 5 meters off the ground, it’s nothing. Sequential gearbox, short gear ratios. You wouldn’t win any drag race longer than 250 meters but prepped suspension, radical brakes and fat tires spinning on mixed track of tarmac and dirt in various percentage can go through a lot. Just a quick summary of modern-day rallycross. Prefer to ride on two wheels? Of course, you’re not forgotten! It’s not only petrol and last syllable that we share.


Long distance driving? Veterans of such will be there to talk endurance. They have 19 years of professional experience in the field so listen closely. 150 summers ago you’d see muscular horses next to them but now it’s Ford F150 and John Cooper Works Mini modified to sooth way more serious abuse.
And finally, the main course Disassemlbv team will be waiting for standing on toes, jumping around with happy faces on – drifting.


Jakub Przygoński started out riding Dakar motorcycles and is now shredding his 1000+ horsepower Toyota GT86. It’s the kind of combination to leave a gearhead woke at night. I mean, the guy broke Guinness record back in 2013 going 218kph sideways. At an angle of 49 out of 70 possible degrees. There are lots of videos, where 2JZ-powered S13’s have busty “models” as passengers just to show how sudden power can undress them. However this guy – would leave both of them begging for mercy. I don’t mean to undermine 2JZ’s, it’s there too. Stroked to 3.4 liters with some DirectPort NX nitrous system onboard. Serious work done to make it dance like this, estimated 1500 hours.


It’s rare nowadays to close an open space parking outside city limits at night to simply meet with fellow enthusiasts. No-burnout, respectful policy of today’s rational drivers isn’t always enough to be left alone. So I believe that city centre street, reserved for all day just to do some racing – serious or not so much – is where we should all be, and show that we care. Especially given that it’s free and family friendly. Inflatable slides, safe driving lectures, crash simulators. Only thing you need to bring with yourself is love for cars, people, reasonable behaviour… and maybe some money, let’s be honest.

Disassemlbv will of course be there, and provide as serious and enigmatic piece of journalism as you might or might’ve not seen.
For more professional information, see Verva Street Racing website.

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